TGM Partners – the story so far

TGM Partners was set up by Jon Frewin, Eric Kolodner and Rupert Harrison, who between them have more than 80 years of experience in finance, operations and acquisitions.

We have been joined by seven further team members, all with one goal in common – to support engineering and manufacturing SMEs forge their next chapter under new management.

In recent years, we have seen a number of small to medium-sized businesses in the above sectors come to a crossroads, with many of them established by the last generation of apprentices who are now reaching retirement age.

While these businesses might have been passed on to the next generation in the past, this is no longer the case as children don’t always follow in the family footsteps.

At TGM, we have made it our mission to fill this gap and have developed a niche in retirement sales.

Our journey started with the acquisition of Becker (Sliding Partitions) in 2017, followed by Huddersfield-based Ardor Engineering and Nottingham-based Visual Packaging later that year.

In 2018, we acquired Taplanes, a business with 40 years of experience providing tailored and bespoke pre-fabricated shower cubicles and bathroom pods.

The next year we consolidated our precision engineering portfolio with the acquisition of APB Engineering in Sandhurst and PT Engineers in Rugby. Following our acquisition, the firm was able to broaden its capacity to make machine components ranging from high-volume, small-diameter products to small-batch, three-metre diameter products.

In 2020, as the effects of Brexit began to be felt and there was a renewed focus for keeping our engineering/manufacturing activities on-shore, we acquired three more firms; RCF Bolt & Nut and G.S.S. Fasteners, both based in Tipton, and Cheshire’s Amtech Developments, which designs and fabricates filling and packing lines for the food sector.

Finally, in 2021, we have acquired Fowler and Holden, an iron foundry in Grimsby, and have added to our precision engineering portfolio through the acquisition of Automatic Engineers in Hinckley.   

The acquisition of such complementary firms demonstrates our commitment to creating a portfolio of thriving engineering and industrial manufacturing SMEs, which can themselves benefit from being involved through cross-selling and operational improvements.

As entrepreneurs ourselves, we enjoy working with others who have built successful businesses over decades of hard work, providing a fresh pair of eyes to take them to the next stage in their growth.

It is this passion that informs our approach, with no asset-stripping or relocation and no down-sizing.

Instead, we are committed to preserving the sellers’ professional legacy, ensuring the organic and steady growth of the business and protecting its integrity.

So, why work with TGM?

Credibility – So far, we’ve been involved in the successful acquisition, transition and growth of 11 companies;

Experience – Our team members have substantial experience in a range of sectors, with impressive expertise across wide range of functional fields, including operations, finance, accounting, law, corporate governance, sales and marketing, and change management;

Continuity – Your company remains independent; we don’t relocate, merge or break apart businesses;

Flexibility – We can structure bespoke and flexible arrangements that meet the differing aspirations of shareholders post-completion;

Transparency – What you see is what you get; we don’t report to faceless CEOs or fund investors whose short-term financial demands may trump long-term benefits for the company;

Efficient completion – Because we do all of our own diligence, typically without relying on third-party advisors due to our own internal skill sets, we can complete quickly and cost-effectively;

Added value – With our years of experience in a range of fields, along with our expertise in developing second tier management to becoming decision makers, TGM Partners offer value far beyond the merely financial.

At TGM Partners, we recognise that the sale of a family business is a major milestone, both for you and your family. We treat each potential acquisition with the professionalism, flexibility and maturity that it deserves – so you know it will remain in safe hands.